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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Young Rotarian Leverages Technology And Rotary Clubs To Clean Ocean

Ludovic Grosjean, the founder and principal consultant at OceanX Group has launched a nonprofit effort leveraging his relationship with Rotary International and its clubs to use technology to identify and remove pollution from the ocean.

He was recognized by Rotary at its annual event at the United Nations for his innovative work.

Interview with Ludovic Grosjean, the Principal Consultant – Chartered Engineer of Company name: OceanX Group / Project name: The OceanCleanX.

The following is the pre-interview with Ludovic Grosjean. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

For-profit/Nonprofit: Company: Profits invested in Research  – Project: Nonprofit used in order to remove pollution

Revenue model: Company (OceanX Group): Selling Engineering Consulting Services (provides Systems Integration, Engineering design, R&D, Environmental monitoring, software solutions)

Clients: NGOs, City Councils, EPA, Environmental Agencies, OEM, Parks, Harbour Authorities, Transport Companies

Non-Profit Project (The OceanCleanX): Receiving Donations, Grants, Volunteering, Equipment access (provides Cleaning services, Information, Communication, Ocean Publications, Supports Ocean Media and Advocacy groups)

Clients: International Ocean Community, General Public, Media, Ocean Innovators, innovative companies, Non-Profits, NGOs

Scale: OceanX Group (Company): External Consultants, Company sales revenue ~ 100,000 AUD (small business) / The OceanCleanX (Project): Volunteers only

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

Problem: Pollution entering our Oceans

Solution: Track pollution and stop it at its sources

Rotary Recognition at UN  

More about Company name: OceanX Group / Project name: The OceanCleanX:

Twitter: @OceanXgroup @OceanCleanX




OceanX Group’s mission is to collaborate with the community in order to protect the future of our Oceans. Our team designs innovative solutions to monitor the environment. We are accelerating the shift towards Ocean protection and sustainable use of Ocean resources. We work closely with the world’s leading technological companies and experts. Our projects and expertise include Unmanned Systems, systems integration, instrumentation and sensors and Machine Learning with extensive R&D capabilities. We aim to develop the most advanced cutting-edge technological solutions to monitor and remove water pollution from our waterways.

The OceanCleanX is the ultimate Social and Technological approach to stop Ocean pollution at its sources. We are promoting automated pollution monitoring solutions and innovations that use artificial intelligence and drones to remove plastics and other pollution from rivers and waterways, while also detecting their source. The project is widely supported by Rotary International to promote volunteering for river cleanup events.

Ludovic Grosjean. Photo Credit: Rotary International – at RotaryUNday (Photograph by Alyce Henson)

Ludovic Grosjean’s bio:

Twitter: @LudovicGrosjean


Instagram: @LudovicGrosjean

Chartered Engineer with 12 years of Ocean experience, Ludovic is Principal Consultant at OceanX Group, an Engineering Consultancy specializing in Environmental Pollution Monitoring. Ludovic holds a formal qualification in Mechatronics Engineering and Environmental Monitoring.

As a supporter of Rotary Values and former President of Melbourne City Rotaract Club (MCRC), Ludovic has been providing an innovative approach to clean water through his environmental project “The OceanCleanX”. As a leader and community educator, he strives for projects to reduce water pollution on a global scale and make a long-term difference for humanity. His career focus is to build collaboration between organizations in order to advance Engineering and preserve the Environment with the ultimate goal of Saving our Oceans.

In 2018, Ludovic Grosjean was selected by Barry Rassin, President of Rotary International, to showcase his work and be awarded at the United Nations in Kenya and was named as “1 of 6 Rotary’s People of Action: Young Innovators”.

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