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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Young Chicago Filmmaker Aims Lens At Difficult Issues

Interview with Dontell Antonio, the Director of Composite Media.

Dontello Antonio, 27, is a filmmaker who is bringing attention to taboo subjects, from drug abuse to sex trafficking in his new short film The Hopeless Journey. While not strictly autobiographical, the story incorporates personal life experiences.

The following is the pre-interview with Dontell Antonio. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

What makes you a social entrepreneur?

Everything I do is to empower the people to be great at what they love and feel they should strive very hard at what they love.

More about Composite Media:


Composite media is a media company that help people bring their visual to life. We specialize in image development of our clients to.


Revenue model: We generate revenue on projects to project basis, Its normally depends on what the client needs done

We are still a small company, Our film we just did is still going and hope to be scaling 2018

Dontell Antonio

Dontell Antonio’s bio:

Twitter: @dontellantonio

Once a kid born in Chicago with a vision to impact the world, Dontell Antonio is now a man impacting the world with his creative visions in the form of films and music videos. In 2012, Dontell Antonio discovered his talent and passion for video while attending the Art Institute of Atlanta. He did not waste time to take his newly discovered talents to new levels. Within two years, Dontell Antonio has fined tuned his videographer skills, and he is providing services to some of the music industry’s mainstream and popular independent artists. However, it has not been an easy task for Dontell Antonio to get to this level. He has a formula for success that consists of ambition + determination + humbleness. Every project is another opportunity for him to grow and get better. Evidence of Dontell’s steady growth can be seen in all of his latest projects including his first short film “The Hopeless Journey” written, produced, and directed by Dontell himself. He never gets content with his achievements. He always feels there is room to grow and experiment with new ideas. With that being said, Dontell Antonio has his sights set on bringing the world even more high-end quality creative content that will continue to impact the world.

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Devin is a journalist, author and corporate social responsibility speaker who calls himself a champion of social good. With a goal to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems by 2045, he focuses on telling the stories of those who are leading the way! Learn more at!

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