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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Women’s Unique Traits Make Them Powerful, Author Says

Amy Stanton, the CEO of Stanton & Company, an agency that focuses on sports and lifestyle businesses, mostly run by women, co-authored The Feminine Revolution with Catherine Connors. Their thesis: women’s feminine traits don’t make women weak, they make them powerful.

Interview with Amy Stanton, the CEO of Stanton & Company.

The following is the pre-interview with Amy Stanton. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

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Amy’s Book:

More about Stanton & Company:

Twitter: @StantonCompany



Stanton & Company LLC is a sports and lifestyle marketing and PR agency. Our services include brand strategy, marketing, PR, events, content development, social media and more. We bring the skills and high-level thinking from big agencies and big brands to philosophy-driven, entrepreneurial clients.

Amy Stanton. Photo Credit: Molly Stanton

Amy Stanton’s bio:


Instagram: @amykstanton

With a background in traditional marketing and deep experience in marketing to and building brands for women, Amy Stanton has a unique perspective on the women’s landscape, the role of femininity in personal and professional lives, and the impact that unleashing our true feminine power can have on happiness.

Amy founded Stanton & Company (S&Co) with a passion for promoting and building positive female role models and messaging for women. Since 2006, when the company opened its doors, S&Co has built a roster of philosophy-driven brands, including exceptional athletes, lifestyle experts, and brands in the healthy, active living space.

Before founding Stanton & Company, Amy served as the first-ever chief marketing officer (CMO) for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and was the head of marketing and communications for NYC2012, New York’s Olympic bid, where she developed and executed both the local and international campaigns for this first-ever endeavor. Amy started her career in account management at advertising agencies including BBDO, JWT, and BBH.

Between her leadership roles on Fortune 500 accounts in advertising, her role as the CMO at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and, most recently, as founder and CEO of an eleven-year-strong marketing and PR agency focused on building female-focused brands, Amy has deep experience in the women’s space and a wide range of relationships with powerful women who have inspired her thinking about femininity and how women can be our best. Amy has received accolades and awards from the Sports Business Journal and Women in Sports and Events (WISE) LA, and Stanton & Company has been recognized as an industry leader. She speaks about marketing and representation, women in sports, and women’s leadership.

Amy recently wrote a book called The Feminine Revolution with co-author Catherine Connors, challenging the idea that femininity and feminine qualities are weak, and encouraging women to define and embrace their feminine behaviors as sources of power.

Interview with Catherine Connors, the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Maverick.

The following is the pre-interview with Catherine Connors. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

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Catherine’s Blog:

More about Maverick:

Twitter: @genmaverick



Maverick is a digital community platform for young people to express themselves, anxiety free and to connect with people around shared interests.   This new community invites you to be who you want to be, say what you want to say, be curious, and find your people.

Catherine Connors: Photo Credit: Catheryn Brockett

Catherine Connors’ bio:

Twitter: @herbadmother


Instagram: @herbadmother

Catherine Connors is a writer, entrepreneur, activist and mother. She is the co-founder and CCO of Maverick, the founder and author of the website Her Bad Mother, and co-author of The Feminine Revolution.

As the founder and author of Her Bad Mother, Connors has been helping mothers navigate motherhood, womanhood and raising empowered girls since 2006. Named one of Time’s Top 25 Blogs of 2012, has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and sundry other publications, as well as on CNN, ABC, CBC and the BBC online. A former academic, she holds a BA in Communications and Political Theory (Simon Fraser University), a MA in Political Science (University of Toronto), and PhD (ABD, University of Toronto) in Political Science. Her research on the place of women and girls in the history of social thought, which took a close look at how social understanding of their roles has been defined in reflected in philosophy, art, literature and popular culture, has continued to inform much of her writing as well as her work in media.

Formerly the Editor in Chief of Babble Media and head of content and Editor in Chief of Disney Interactive’s women and family division, Connors has made appearances on most major media outlets, including CNN, NPR, and Good Morning America. Continuing her passion for helping young women and girls, in 2015 Connors created Demeter Media Group, a research and media development company dedicated to developing media properties and content products serving the market of women and families. Demeter’s flagship project, Project Girl Quest, became the basis for Maverick, a creative community and social network for girls and young women that Connors co-founded in 2017.

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