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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

This Young Haitian Journalist Is Out To Change The World

Daniella Jacques has recognized from her earliest memories that women face challenges in the world that men don’t face, don’t understand and seem not to care about. Women are often not even in the room when men do talk about their issues.

She says it is time that women were part of the discussion. She launched Women’s Dophen News to be a platform for news relevant to women, not only in Haiti but around the world. She is already publishing in four languages, Haitian Creole, French, Spanish and English.

My take: Daniella Jacques will change the world and her name will become very familiar.

Interview with Daniella Jacques, the CEO-Founder  of Women’s Dofen News .

The following is the pre-interview with Daniella Jacques. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

Traditional media offer no space for women to flourish, be heard and participate. Even the most competent women are not consulted in times of great decisions for the country. Before Dofen News, there was no online media dealing with all issues in any relationship with women. With this platform we have and put women in front of the stage. The problem of marginalizing women is taking a step back. Female figures are prominent in the media. We impose their voices and bring other media to do the same.

Daniella’s Website:

More about Women’s Dofen News :

Twitter: @DofenNews



Dofen News is the first and unique digital platform media, dedicated to women in Haiti. It’s driving change by empowering women. Through this platform we highlight all women’s achievements, their daily lives, the challenges they face and we are also a force of proposals to move things forward in the direction of full autonomy for women. We have a small full time staff but many contributors around the world. And still looking for more contributors

For-profit/Nonprofit: For-profit

Revenue model: Dofen News is essentially advertising for the moment. We also offer an online survey service on all topics but with an emphasis on women and girls. However, we are engaged in social campaigns and projects related to the gender situation in the country and we are counting on the involvement of national and international actors to support us in these processes. For information, we are partners of the forum of women entrepreneurs Haiti.

Scale: We have a small full time team (three employees), some contributors around the world (still looking for more). As a digital media we are selling advertising spaces to stay on the track of existence.

Daniella Jacques
Photo Credit: Ralphden Laurent

Daniella Jacques’s bio:

Twitter: @DanJacPenn


Instagram: @danejak

Daniella Jacques was born in Haïti on May 12th 1982. She is a serial entrepreneur and change maker of the feminism’s ecosystem. Engaged from a teen age, she has always taken initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens, specially girls and women. Her latest initiative is the creation of the first and only digital media platform dedicated to women “Dofen News”. Two years ago she co-founded the Haiti Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which she also serves as President. She’s a political consultant with more than ten years of experience in the political advisory service at the highest level. Daniella is co-owner of PoliticoTech a political firm specialized in campaign management and digital strategy.

Presentation of Daniella Jacques

Daniella Jacques was born in Haiti, she has a bachelor degree in Political Science and Master in Electoral Policy and Administration. Then several seminars on business administration and development of small and medium enterprises.

Daniella is TEDx motivational speaker

Politics.- Political consultant and member of the International Association of Political Science, She is a trainer in political leadership, political communication and fundraising. Co-founder of the Coalition of the Political Women in Haiti, Daniella is the Executive Secretary of the Presidential Commission of the National Palace reconstruction, also member of the Presidential commission for youth and innovation.

Entrepreneurship.- Daniella is a serial entrepreneur / investor. She co-founded with Roudy Stanley Penn, PoliticoTech, a pioneer company in the political consultation in Haiti specialized in campaign management and digital strategy. She is co-founder and board member of Mapou Investment Group SA. Daniella owns Kouleur Images a strategic communications firm and SERMILO, a logistic firm organizer of public and private events. Recently she created a new startup “Dofen News”, a digital platform media dedicated to women. In September Daniella will launch her trademark brand Dofen the way it is… a clothing line. Mrs Jacques is co-founder and/or investor of several companies in Haiti and abroad.

Social.- Always engaged for the most disadvantaged people, kids and women in particular. After the earthquake in 2010, Daniella was in the States looking for support/help for victims, many people friends and family members pressed her to stay but she had a purpose, she came back and created a special program called *Ti Lekol-Small school* with her community association AGIRAD (Act Today for Tomorrow) where over 400 kids had access to free class. In 2015 she started a campaign to attract attention of the Haitian State on the cause of the Madan Sara (women vendors traveling in subhuman conditions), the conditions of existence of these women who are raped, stolen and murdered (look at the TEDx conference on youtube), the creation of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce is one of the tools created to support women entrepreneurs.

Daniella is behind some major initiatives aimed at the emancipation of women :

* The only community library dedicated to children in her hometown, 2013
* The first and unique Women’s Chamber of Commerce / 2016
* FEFHA – Economic Forum of Haitian Women October 2017
* The largest women’s tech conference in Americas – SIFNUH (International Summit of Tech Women), the 2nd edition brought together fifteen countries from 15 to 17 May 2018
* The unique female digital media platform Dofen News / 2018

Honors :

* Winners of first competition of US Embassy in Haiti December 2004;
* IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program) a US Department of States Initiative 2006 / 2014 (USA)

Awards :

* JC Magazines, March 2018
* CONATEL (National Council of Communication) April 2018;
* MCFDF (Ministry of women’s conditions and rights) April 2018;

Accomplishments :

* Participation in the movie WOMEN;
* Participation as speaker the Conference des femmes francophones (Bucarest) – Women speaking french conference November 2017;
* Participation as a young leader at the GLOBAL UNITE Youth Forum May 2012 (Bangkok, Thailande);
* Participation at Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) twice 2009 / 2010 (USA)

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