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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

These 2 Are Having Fun While Making Money and Doing Good

Zach Adamson and David Monhait, co-founders of DIVERTbrands, have found a way to do what they love, have fun, do good and make money. They are living the dream!

Interview with Zach Adamson, the Founder and CEO, and David Monhait, the Co-Founder & President of DIVERTbrands.

The following is the pre-interview with Zach Adamson and David Monhait. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

While interest has never been higher, action sports as they currently exist are out of reach to many due to geographic and financial barriers to participation. Concurrently, traditional education continues to exclude education in desired creative fields like music, art, media, and more.

These barriers and exclusions make at-risk youth more susceptible to negative influences and life choices.

DIVERT removes these barriers, making both the athletics and creative lifestyles more accessible to anyone. We DIVERT their attention away from negative influences and towards positive ones that align with the interest of today’s youth culture.

More about DIVERTbrands:

Instagram: @divertcollective



DIVERTbrands is a family of companies who believe that action sports have the power to inspire and empower on a massive scale. Because of that our shared goal is to make action sports and the surrounding lifestyles, like music, art, and media, more accessible.

The companies within DIVERTbrands are:

DIVERTagency – A boutique agency focused on creating cause marketing campaigns and initiatives that create new revenue opportunities for today’s top brands.

DIVERTcollective – A merchandise and apparel brand whose proceeds go to fund programs and initiatives that make action sports and the surrounding lifestyles more accessible.

DIVERTsessions – A 25000 sf facility that includes skateboarding, surfing, skiing and snowboarding that are enhanced with digital layers and virtual experiences. Supporting these attractions are a media lab, music stage, food/beverage, retail and more.

DIVERTcity – An 8 acre park that includes skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, a creative and media lab, music venue, food/beverage, retail, and more.

Together, these companies enable anyone to “Achieve Their I’mpossible”

For-profit/Nonprofit: B-Corp / Social Enterprise

Revenue model: DIVERTagency – services fees

DIVERTcollective – revenue from sale of soft and hard goods

DIVERTsessions & DIVERTcity – ticketing, events, rentals, retail sales, concession sales, programming and lessons, media, and more.

Scale: DIVERTagency – 3-5 employees / DIVERTcollective – over $350k revenue in first 3 months, over 50,000 units sold / DIVERTsessions & DIVERTcity – currently fundraising

Zach Adamson

Zach Adamson’s bio:

Twitter: @zach_adamson


Zach is an accomplished entrepreneur, experience designer and operator. His previous work includes transforming facilities, events, products and organizations of Fortune 500 companies into world class experiences. His work with Disney Imagineers, and pioneers in experience design/operation have provided consistent applications in business strategy, implementation and expansion. His passion in Action Sports and social change, intersects with his talents in experience design and operation to create a powerful leader and change maker at DIVERTbrands.

David Monhait

David Monhait’s bio:

Twitter: @davidmonhait


David grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in the suburbs outside of Chicago. These sports, and the subculture surrounding them, taught him valuable life lessons like creativity, motivation, resilience, and developed his appetite for risk.

He continued on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied Architecture and Planning. Throughout college, David was a sponsored skateboarder and an All-American snowboarder.

He returned to Chicago where he worked as an achitect for 5-years. During that time, he started moonlighting on startup ventures. The first, Electronic Spotlight, a docu-series that started on Youtube and after being backed by CAA and Den of Theives, aired on TV. Around the same time, David and his friends created Sin Label, a live event consultancy and event promotions web application that enabled nightclubs and venues to promote using crowdsourced influencers.

After realizing his knack for creating startups, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue ventures that were more aligned with his passion – action sports.

He consulted on various ventures such as Revel, SpotKing, RideBlock, and more until he joined DIVERT.

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