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Crowdfunding for Social Good
Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

The Green Snowball Effect: How Teddy Rose Creates Cool, Smart Innovation

This is a guest post from Zach Bogoshian, Founder of Teddy Rose.

My name is Zach and I am an idealist, for better and for worse. When it comes to sustainability, I see many challenges, some seemingly without solutions, which can be discouraging. That being said, I believe that people want to do right by the earth, but they have an access problem.


I’m the same way. I love the idea of being a sustainable citizen, but I’m humble enough to realize my intuition, research capacity, and understanding have their limits. This led me to start a company that offers a sustainable product packaged with Eco-entrepreneurial benefits.


My company, Teddy Rose, just launched a line of simple, stylish, bamboo tees (Indiegogo campaign here: Bamboo, as a raw material, offers many unique benefits: minimal water usage, zero pesticides, fast growth, no mono-culture growth, among others.

In addition to offering a responsibly-made product, Teddy Rose also employs a unique business model, one that creates what we are terming the Green Snowball Effect. We build on business models like Toms’s that give a cut of their profits to charities, but we have an entrepreneurial spin. Instead, that cut goes to Eco-entrepreneurs who use crowdfunding to jumpstart their sustainable projects. We want lead by example and do what we can to simultaneously empower other do-ers. 


We don’t claim to know everything, but we have learned a lot in the past year about manufacturing, greenwashing, design, and branding. And, in bringing a sustainable product to market, we can also act as a proxy for those looking to purchase cool products that feature an additional societal benefit.


Our three initial featured campaigns all have unique and aggressive products that contribute to sustainability:

Rocks & Gravel Coffee: Organic Eco-Roasts To Your Door
Small batch, organic, fair trade coffee, shipped direct from roast in recyclable & collectible tins.

Wild Beauty Products: Biodegradable Shampoo Bottles
Natural, cruelty-free shampoo and biodegradable bottles for hotels and natural health stores.

HEATWORKS Model 1: Your Next Water Heater!
The most energy & water efficient, reliable & versatile water heater available.

To preserve our natural resources and live responsibly with the earth, we will have to approach problems from all angles. Teddy Rose is happy to join other leaders and jump into the fight.

Indiegogo Campaign:

Twitter: @TeddyRoseCo

Facebook: Teddy Rose

About the Author: Zach Bogoshian is the Founder of Teddy Rose. He studied political science at UCLA and has since worked on various projects around politics, transparency, green building, and sustainable development. He currently lives in San Francisco, California, a global hub of innovation, style, and world-class American football.

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