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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Television Producer Calls On Nonprofits To Engage Those They Serve

Shelby Hintze, a television producer for NBC-affiliate KSL’s “The Browser” and “Sunday Edition,” called on nonprofits to engage those they serve in leadership, including paid positions.

Hintze is a powerful, successful leader at KSL, but she acknowledges her vulnerabilities as a person with a form of muscular dystrophy. She notes that organizations sometimes miss the obvious because they fail to adequately engage those they serve.

If members of the community were serving on boards or in executive leadership, she says, the organizations would make better decisions for the people they hope to serve.

Shelby Hintze

Shelby Hintze’s bio:

Twitter: @shelbs25

Instagram: @shelbs25

Shelby Hintze is a TV news producer in Salt Lake City. She is an advocate with the goal of elevating the voices of marginalized communities through intersectionality.

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2 Responses to Television Producer Calls On Nonprofits To Engage Those They Serve

  • Dear Miss Hintze. I agree with your purpose, warm blessings to you; however, before we elevate the voices of all people, first we must help elevate the consciousness of our youth our future leaders. Children across America and all over the world and their families are going through a very difficult transition; our youth are spiraling out of control in schools and in society and no one seems to be paying much attention to how this self destructive behaviors could affect the future of our country and entire world. I firmly believe the time has come for all communities, parents and families in general to become united without distinction of race, culture, religious and political affiliation and work together as one to help elevate the consciousness of our youth and inspire them to become good leaders, respectable members of society and architects of a better world.
    Norma Pastor, founder of The Young Alchemists Foundation.

  • Totally agree with the content. So often we all miss the mark on knowing our customers, prospects, even associates at a level that brings out commonalities. As a Word of Mouth Strategist, I see it all the time.
    Excellent point to attach that responsibility to the non profit. I am certain many are missing the boat on creating alliances, versus donors.
    There is a huge missing link that could be filled with enormous resources for “the cause”. YAA!

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