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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Sevamob Named a Finalist in Gratitude Awards Competition; Winners to Be Chosen at SOCAP

Sevamob led by Shelley Saxena, has been named as one of nine finalists in the 2014 Gratitude Awards from the Gratitude Network to be awarded at SOCAP this coming week in San Francisco. The finalists were chosen from among 32 semi-finalists, who were chosen from among nearly 150 applicants. To learn more about the awards and SOCAP, see our story in Forbes. You can read all our coverage of the Gratitude Awards, including profiles of all nine finalists here.

Four winners will be announced on Thursday, September 4, 2014. We obtained a copy of the application from Sevamob so we could share it with you below:

Please describe your venture:

Sevamob is fundamentally transforming primary healthcare via mobile clinics and a tele-health marketplace. Our mobile clinics deliver care to groups on an annual subscription model. Basic primary care, medicines and rapid testing are delivered on group’s premises. More advanced care is delivered via back-office doctors for family medicine, pediatrics & gynecology, 24×7 call center and cashless hospitalization benefits. Our marketplace enables patients to get video consultations, second opinions or in-clinic appointments from participating healthcare providers.

What is the problem are you solving and why is this important?

Average life expectancy in India is 64 years vs 78-81 years in Developed countries and 74 years in countries like China. A key reason for this is lack of availability of and little awareness about primary healthcare. Our mission is to fundamentally transform primary health care via mobile clinics and a tele-health marketplace.

What is your solution and business model?

We provide 2 services: a) Primary healthcare via mobile clinics to schools, employers, orphanages, old age homes and other groups on an annual subscription model – Our primary healthcare is delivered through mobile clinics staffed with doctors carrying Android tablets – At signup, team captures patient demographics and medical record in our software, which can operate offline in remote areas and gives subscriber a health card – Basic primary care, rapid testing and medicines for common ailments are delivered on group’s premises. Care includes OPD, dental, vision screening, BMI and diet plans, pathology test as needed (Blood group, Anemia, Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Arthritis, ECG), health education, sex education etc. As part of rapid testing, we are able to screen for HIV, Syphilis, Malaria, Hepatitis B/C, drug abuse starting for as little as Rs 20/test and give reports in minutes – Advanced issues are handled via back-office appointments for Family Medicine, Gynecology and Pediatrics and a 24×7 call center – Awareness is provided by monthly SMS health messages based on gender, age and location – Select plans include hospitalization benefits for up-to INR 50,000/year and accident insurance for INR 100,000 – Subscriptions starts from Rs 225 / year for children and Rs 600 / year for adults (Min 4 visits per year) b) Tele-health via market place – In Jan 2014, we launched India’s first tele-health marketplace, which enables patients to get video consultations, second opinions and in-clinic appointments from participating healthcare providers. Along with new revenue, healthcare providers get no-charge practice management, electronic health record and home care as part of the platform – Our revenue model is online transaction fees and data revenue.

What is unique patentable, or otherwise not seen elsewhere about your venture?

  • More touch points than any other provider in the market place (mobile van, call-center, SMS, back-office appointments, health marketplace)
  • Our subscription model is uniquely positioned to influence health outcomes instead of just ‘fees for service’
  • Unlike fixed clinics/kiosks, our mobile clinic model has much lower capex and higher flexibility
  • Unlike web/phone based models, in-person interaction with doctors helps us a) Service low income consumers in semi-rural and urban areas b) engage and maintain a long-term relationship with the customer
  • Our mobile technology, which can operate without network, helps streamline operations
  • Focus on group customers helps us service large number of patients per doctor in a short time  
  • By bundling healthcare with insurance, we provide end-to-end care – Our tele-health marketplace is the first service of its kind in India
  • Data analytics helps us manage and prove health outcomes

Please describe who your customers are and how you know they want your product?

Our target is Tier 2, 3 and 4 towns and cities in India. This is an addressable market of ~377 M users. Our target market is ~200M users and is defined as follows: a) Mobile clinics – Students (>= Rs 250 / month school fees) – Employees (service, sales, support, ad-hoc) – Other groups (sex workers, orphanages, old age homes etc) – Rs 5000 – 25,000 monthly family income b) Tele-health market place – Internet savvy consumers In just 2 years, we are serving 5000 subscribers in 3 states – UP, Karnataka, National Capital Region. Our renewal rates are above 70%.

In which country does the target population your company serves reside?


Please comment on the strength of the venture’s leadership:

  • CEO, Shelley Saxena: Managed several profitable multi-million dollar products for IBM. Co-founded profitable mobile technology company Saasmob
  • COO, Shyam Tandon: More than 25 years of experience managing large sales networks in rural and urban areas for MNCs like Glaxo
  • Chief Health Officer, Dr Darina Stankeyeva: Board certified in Internal Medicine. Trained at Emory University.
  • VP of Biz-dev, Bipin Arora: 15 years of sales, marketing and operations work experience in IT, ITtes/Telecom. Launched and operated Rural BPO in Uttarakhand 4 member advisory board:
  • Dr Barry Patel, CEO TTM Inc: Healthcare entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience in managing health outcomes
  • Saloni Malhotra, Founder/Director of venture backed DesiCrew
  • Nirav Desai, CEO HandsOnTelehealth: Accomplished telemedicine executive with 22 years of experience
  • Katie Elizabeth, Program Director TIE Atlanta: Founder and Co-Chair of TIE X and Program Director of TIE Atlanta

Please describe the impact your company will have or is having, the way that you measure your impact, and the scale you plan to reach?

We track a) Active subscribers b) Renewal rates We plan to scale from 5000 mobile clinic subscribers in March 2014 to more than a million subscribers by March 2019. Our goal is to get to 37.5 unique visitors on our tele-health marketplace.

How is your organization innovative? Have collaborations with others enabled that innovation?

We have partnered with the following organizations: a) Alere: Rapid testing kits for HIV, Syphilis, Dengue, Malaria, Drug Abuse, etc. b) New India Insurance: Accident insurance, cashless hospitalization insurance c) Swasti: Replicate model in other states in India d) Nationwide docs: Back-office doctors e) Azadi: Menstrual pads f) VisionSpring: Eye glasses h) Glaxo: Nutrition supplements.

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