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Crowdfunding for Social Good
Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Products That Support The Producers

Guest post by James Edwin Bettney.

In Nepalese culture, widows are discriminated against, often being branded witches or whores. Their society believes it is their immoral actions in a previous life that form the defining reasons  behind the deaths of their husbands. They have, therefore, been ostracized for generations, losing their status in both the home and society. Forsaken even by their own families, they struggle to find enough work to feed their children and put a roof over their heads.

Below is an introduction to the Takuro documentary, telling the story of these outcast women.

Ocean Of Sorrows from Takuro. on Vimeo.

We believe that for too long, large corporate fashion houses and brands have exploited cheap labour in order to manufacture products at unsustainable prices. This trend has to stop and a new age of ethical fashion has to take its place.
Our ethos at Takuro is to work with outcast widows in Nepal, who have suffered generations of discrimination. With the help of the charity WHR-SWG (Women for Human Rights – Single Woman’s Group) who train these women to sew, we will employ widows from Nepal, giving them the means to be independent.
We won’t just stop there, however. Our profits will go back into providing shelter for these women and their children, as well as better facilities to manufacture the very best quality products. We want to support everyone in our team because that’s what families do and that’s what we want to achieve. Our goal is to build a large international family that keeps quality and equality at the core of its belief.

Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page to have a look at our products and find out more about our social impact venture:

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