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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

#MeToo Survivor Shares Her Story Of Resilience And Hope

Leta Greene has built a happy, productive life as a mother and a professional speaker and makeup artist. She is proud of this. She is particularly proud that no one in her professional circle–many of whom she counts as friends–knew that she is a survivor of sexual abuse as a child.

As the #metoo movement gained steam over the past few years, Leta realized that it was time to share her story. She posted her experience on Facebook, went to bed and awoke to an overwhelming show of support–and an invitation from a publisher to write a book.

Her book, Love Me Too, doesn’t wallow in self-pity nor does it reveal the most intimate details of her abuse. Much of the book is a guide for other survivors, whom she hopes to help achieve the sort of profound happiness she enjoys.

She also shares some parenting tips that can help protect children from abuse, at surprisingly young ages–without scaring them.

You don’t want to miss one second of my discussion with Leta. Watch in the player at the top of this article.

Interview with Leta Greene, the Hotness of Glamour Connection.

The following is the pre-interview with Leta Greene. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

Expert Tips:

Tip 1:  I will be sharing how we can change the conversation to empower those still in abusive situations and those that are coming out.

Tip 2: We need to get VERY comfortable in talking about the causes of sexual abuse. As we talk to our children at age appropriate stages we can help protect them from potential abusers. It is not about stranger danger! 80% to 90% of those molested are done so by those that know them.

Tip 3: Module I teach of recognizing the need for a balance of love, trust and accountability to exist in relationships.

Let’s Makeup:

More about Glamour Connection:

Twitter: @LetaHotness



I started as a makeup artist in 1999. This gave me an up-close opportunity to see the difficulties girls and women face because I am right there in their personal space women share their challenges. In return, I shared with them what I had done to overcome issues of confidence and self-perception. My advice helped them. We had a few “adventures” in our lives that lead to more asking how we were so resilient. That lead to speaking and my first book How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness. My latest book Love, Me Too again a response to a need that those victimized need to know life can be amazing even after great darkness.

Leta Greene. Photo Credit: Emily London

Leta Greene’s bio:



International speaker including 2 Tedx speeches and author of two books, Leta Greene doesn’t want to intimidate any of you, but she is known as “HOTNESS.” At 12, she won the Boy Scout arm wrestling competition. None of those boys ever asked her out. Leta majored in Sign Language and graduated with honors. Ironic, she is REALLY good at not talking!

Leta inspires each of us to embrace what makes us individually hot and amazing. As an image consultant and makeup artist since 1999, Leta has helped clients to not only look their best but to feel their best. Leta has also built a multi-million dollar business in the beauty industry and is a sought-after trainer for women entrepreneurs. Her message is one of honoring yourself through being authentic to who you are. It is through humor, stories, and a new way of seeing the everyday that makes Leta’s audiences of all ages want to hold on for more! Her programs range from Maturation programs for 5th-grade girls, Confidence workshop for tween and teen girls, Joy-full workshops for women, Seminars for parents on how to talk to your kids about sex, and as an energetic Keynote speaker for conference and seminars on resiliency, personal responsibility and of course the Hotness Factor.

Leta is the mother of Nathaniel, Ailsa and Katelynn, who are the most adorable children. Just follow her on Facebook and you will see that they are amazing. She says her kids and hubby bring it home for her; anytime she thinks she is too cool, it’s time to cook dinner. They help her keep it real – but she’s still hot!

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