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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Founder Hopes This Will Be the Best Deodorant for the World

After a health crisis in her family, Margaux Khoury began working to create a healthy, environmentally friendly deodorant for herself and her family. After developing one that worked, she decided to share it with the world. She calls it The Best Deodorant In The World and hopes it really is the best deodorant for the world.

Interview with Margaux Khoury, the CEO of The Best Deodorant In The World.

The following is the pre-interview with Margaux Khoury. Be sure to watch the recorded interview above.

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

Two problems in the natural deodorant industry:  

Problem 1:  Natural deodorants don’t work or they irritate pits  

Problem 2:  packaging is plastic or glass (not eco)

We solve both these problems:  

Solution 1:  our natural deodorant works even in hot weather (really effective)

Solution 2: we custom created a 100% biodegradable packaging that you could literally throw right in your compost.

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More about The Best Deodorant In The World:

Twitter: @ecodeodorant (will be active after campaign)



“The Best Deodorant In The World” is a popular, organic, vegan deodorant that sells in stores and online world-wide.  

Our goal is to eliminate 7.5 million plastic water bottles by gifting school water machines that count the number of plastic bottles saved. Plastic affects our body, our health, the earth and the animals (plastic is found inside their bellies, and animals get caught in it all the time). Our mission is to share with the world how we can all create large, conscious companies without harming our bodies, the earth and other animals here.

New clean water mission: One deodorant purchased provides one year of clean water for a child in a developing nation. We all know this is wrong, tragic and unnecessary.  4000 children die each day from unclean drinking water. Our goal is to save 4000 children a day from drinking dirty water, and dying.  That’s 4000 deodorants a day sold.

Our company also donates 100% of sales to a sanctuary, one day each and every month.   That’s 12 days of donating to sanctuaries.

For-profit/Nonprofit: For-profit

Revenue model: Our company sells an all organic, vegan deodorant

Scale: ~ used on over 200,000 armpits 🙂  ~ 10 employees  

Margaux Khoury

Margaux Khoury’s bio:

Twitter: @margauxkhoury


Margaux is the CEO of one of the most popular organic, natural, cruelty-free deodorants, “The Best Deodorant In The World”, a company she started out of her kitchen. It can now be found in stores and online world-wide. Her passion is helping families understand the importance of, living sustainably, free schooling as an option for children, as well as using amazing, natural products that don’t harm our bodies, animals or planet.

Her company donates water machines to high schools, allowing them to save plastic water bottles from contaminating the earth. One jar of deodorant sold saves 7.5 plastic bottles.

She consults with others on how to start a company like hers from scratch, to help them grow a thriving business while staying home with their children.

Operating by two very simple philosophies: “Humans and other Animals over profit” and “Profit With a Purpose”, she has been able to follow her heart and create a thriving company that truly makes an impact. When she is not with her husband and 3 children, much of her time is spent fostering her close friendships with many of the world’s most accomplished and respected practitioners, doctors, midwives, authors, speakers, medical professionals, natural living celebrities and other conscious, ethical entrepreneurs like her.

She just completed a book “Ultimate Guide To Organic Groceries” with Joanne Young, who is personal chef to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady.

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