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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Former NYC Gossip Columnist/Party Girl’s Life Changing Year- Long Journey Across the US

This is a guest post from New York City celebrity gossip columnist, Kelly Will, who gave up her home, her work and all her material possessions to travel all 50 States in 365 Days to connect, teach, inspire and learn from more than 600 citizens of the United States of America.


Kelly Will

I think I might be on to the secret of life.

Every person you meet in a day has incredible value in your life and in the world. This year, I connected from one person to another person, until I built an incredible community that linked and supported me around our nation. I crossed all 50 States in 365 days, 48 by car and 2 by plane, staying in 164 generous host homes, meeting over 600 new, dear friends.

Watch my 90-second video!

My adventure, Kelly Broadcasts America, changed my life. My life is brilliant because I embarked on this journey. Each day, my heart is bursting with the kindness and generosity of every person I meet, because I let them in! I believe in people. No matter what is happening in the world. I think THIS might be the secret of life: connecting with people and believing in them.

Here is one page from my private journal of all 365 days on the road in the United States. These two new families, strangers when we met on the trail, helped to carry me to the top of a mountain and gain an incredible sense of physical, mental and emotional accomplishment.

You Can Call Me, “South Carolina”!
Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hiking in Lake Tahoe, CA

I take off solo on a sunny hike today in Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe but soon realize the mountain is far more treacherous than the Yelp reviews warned. After an hour, I begin to free climb and know it is time to turn around. I am not safe alone. I expected a challenge, but not this big and dangerous. As I head back to my Honda, I am already berating myself for giving up. Twenty feet back, I run right into a huge group of eight. I bump into the Dads first, Louis and Paul, and their two families. Louis asks if I am alone and when I say yes, he insists I climb to the top of the mountain with them. Louis promises my safety and says he does not want to know my name until we reach the top, I may only tell him the state on my license plate.

They call me “South Carolina” all the way up the mountain and push me on when my lungs are burning, and my fingers are bleeding. I am covered in dirt, they look like adventure models. I shut my mind off and focus on every step, lifting my foot up and carefully setting it down. I am in the zone, mechanically moving safely and quickly, keeping up with this skilled team of weekend climbers. The Dads always remembering me, reach down a hand to reassure me or pull me up, as we climb 2,085 vertical feet in 90 minutes.

I can’t believe I did it. I am filled with pride and a heroic Wonder Woman sense of self the rest of the day. I can’t wait to climb this mountain again one day with someone who needs my help to get them to the top.

Give it a try. Connect honestly with someone today and every day. All it takes is some eye contact and a smile. You never know where it will go from there!

Every person we come in contact with in a day deserves peace, love, kindness and generosity from us at all times. Enemy to friend to total stranger, we must be positive and kind to all. What we give each day we will get back. LIVE AWARE & CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

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