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Devin D. Thorpe
Devin Thorpe

Admissions – Short Film for World Peace

This is a guest post from John Viscount, a filmmaker, author, peace strategist and public speaker


John Viscount

In our modern world of high technology and multi-media grand spectacles, there are many amazing things that capture our attention. But to me, there is nothing as compelling as other’s people’ suffering. It always seems to stop me in my tracks and light a fire under me to try to help, even if just for a moment.

Maybe it’s a meaningful conversation or an understanding nod or a silent hug. Or maybe its time spent focusing internally on a shared sense of unity and goodwill with all living beings. Whatever it takes to reassure struggling souls they’re not alone becomes the goal, because when we connect compassionately with others, we reaffirm our higher nature and contribute deeply to the world’s evolution.

Of course, this kind of evolution has nothing to do with becoming stronger, faster, smarter or fitter individuals. On the contrary, the true evolution of the human species is moving from the pursuit of separate interests to the pursuit of shared interests, because only in oneness can peace, love and a better world for all, without exception, endure.

As a filmmaker, author and peace strategist, my chosen tool for promoting unity is the creation of transformational media content that elevates as it entertains. Currently, I am conducting a screening and Q & A tour where I engage audiences in enlightening discussions about forgiveness and the many healing themes of my film for peace, Admissions.

Winner of 25 international awards, Admissions stars Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell and tells a life-changing tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in the most conflict-ridden regions of our planet. I originally wrote Admissions as a response to the suffering of 9/11 and the film’s theme song as a response to the suffering of the Iraq War.

When I screen Admissions for audiences, I talk about the film’s partnership we created with, The Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace and United Nations Culture of Peace working groups. This partnership resulted in a campaign to gather One Billion signatures to create peace departments in governments worldwide. I was fortunate to play a role in the drafting of the official Global Resolution of this movement.

We have also created a unique digital platform called The Gift of Peace, which is a free e-book that dramatically explains the need for peace departments in our world. It bestows a free screening of Admissions, offered in 5 languages, to anyone who signs PeaceNow’s global petition. To date, signatures representing 62 countries have been received.

Similar to Admissions, my new book, Mind What Matters, A Pep Talk for Humanity also addresses life’s most difficult challenges. It features a collection of philosophical writings and stories that offer healing perspectives on how to remain rooted in our higher mind no matter what the world serves up.

After viewing Admissions, Sharon Stone asked me to write a similar short film for her around bullying which I have now completed and in which she has agreed to play the lead. I also have a full catalog of other transformational projects including short films, features, television shows, public service announcements and musicals. Ultimately, the goal with all my work is to create more unity in the world so people can experience more love, suffer less and enjoy more deeply rewarding lives.

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