The mission of the Your Mark on the World Center is to solve the world's biggest problems before 2045 by identifying and championing the work of experts who have created credible plans and programs to end them once and for all.


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On Friday, I had the privilege of visiting the CICFO orphanage here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  CICFO is the only orphanage in Cambodia that is registered with the Department of the Interior—because it is the only one run by Cambodians.  All the others are registered with the Department of the Interior.

The kids here are absolutely wonderful; they are happy and are all getting a good education, living in a safe and clean environment and above all, they are being loved.

You may remember that the Smiths first introduced me to Botevy, the founder of CICFO.  She is a delightful woman who over the years has used her modest personal resources to support the orphanage when fundraising efforts run short.

It was wonderful to spend time with her and her kids!

Botevy is especially remarkable in that she survived Pol Pots killing fields in the 70s and has become a wonderful, giving person in spite of it (or could it be because of it?). 

You can donate to support CICFO here (be sure to select CICFO as the recipient of your donation).

Don’t forget, you can still support the Your Mark on the World project at by sponsoring your favorite cause.

Separately, I bought some bracelets to support CICFO.  I’m giving them away in my raffle here where you can also win a $100 donation to your favorite cause


Leper with Child

Leprosy has left this woman with one leg and no fingers and just one eye, but the joy from the visit from the Smiths is plain to see.  I encourage you to follow the link to read Allyson’s story about her family’s visit to the leper colony in India, which she describes as life changing.  Their 15 week service trip is maturing, but it is clear that it has changed their perspective on life entirely.  It is clear that this family will leave a mark on the world!


Our friends, the Smiths, have moved on to India where they are volunteering at Rising Star Outreach, a school for the children of parents with leprosy. Each day as I try to learn more about both the problems in the world and the efforts of noble people to address them, I am equally moved by the scale and scope of the problems and by the courage, character and charm of those who battle them. How will you make your mark on the world?


Allyson Smith reports on her blog that the restaurant opened as planned and that people came through for them with money for the needed equipment.  

The morning of the day when the restaurant and bakery was to open, the local Buddhist monks came to dedicate it for its success.

The Smiths leave Thailand knowing that they have helped to make the orphanage more self-sustaining, making the Home and Life Orphanage a better and happier place for the children.

Monks dedicate new restaurant


The Smiths that I told you about yesterday just posted on their blog about a critical need for some cash for one of the orphanages where they’ve been volunteering in Thailand.  They need $3,000 before the weekend is over to buy the equipment to open the restaurant that will feed and sustain the orphanage!  Matt and Allyson are asking us to donate $10 each and to share their plea everywhere!  Please help!

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The scope of the world’s problems lead many to shrug in frustration, thinking that the little they could do, would be too little to matter. For Matt and Allyson Smith and their six children, the opposite attitude led them to a remarkable around-the-world adventure in service. They seem to have…

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