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How borrowing money each month can quickly ruin your finances

It isn’t unusual for a family to come up a little short at the end of the month. How a family handles that situation may matter more than you think.

If your family comes up short by $100 every month and borrows that money on a credit card with 12% interest, the deficit in the second month will have grown to $101. The next month, the shortfall will have grown to a bit more than $102. Within a year, the shortfall will be $113. After two year years, $127 and after three years, $143. You’ll also have a new debt totaling $4,308 at the end of 36 months.

If you borrow the money on a more expensive credit card, say one with a 24% interest rate, after three years the monthly deficit will have grown to $204 per month. At the higher interest rate, your debt will have grown to $5,200.

This article first appeared at  To read the rest of the article, click here.  A collection of my articles will soon be released as a book.

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