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6 family-friendly tips for successful entrepreneurship

Thank heaven for entrepreneurs. Unless you are one of the one-in-three who work for the government, if you have a job, you have an entrepreneur to thank. Someone back in time launched that business and created the job that feeds your family. If you’d like to be an entrepreneur, the following tips will help you succeed at launching your own business while you maintain a happy and healthy home environment.

  1. Remember it will be tough.Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. It is going to be tough. A lot tougher than you think. Really.
  2. Talk about it.Sit down with your spouse and talk about the implications of your plan. Make sure that your spouse is 100 percent behind you. It may take time, but this is the most critical step for maintaining a happy home with an entrepreneur in it. It may also be more important than you think for the success of the business. Because an entrepreneur has to invest so many hours into ramping up the business, and may not add a dime to the family wallet for months, spousal support can make or break the dream. Many entrepreneurs have said their spouses were key to their success.

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