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Do You Know How To Live On $1 Per Day? 1 Billion People In Poverty Do

This is a guest post from Professor Thomas A.Nazario


Professor Thomas A.Nazario with book

When I was four years old, and on my way to have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and brother, in what is now called Spanish Harlem, I noticed a woman and her small child going through a garbage can in the hopes of finding something for dinner. I had seen this before, even at four years of age, but something felt different that day, for after all it was Thanksgiving. You see, Thanksgiving was the only day of the year that my family went out to dinner, and I thought it was the day that everyone was supposed to eat a nice meal and give thanks for their blessings in life. It struck me that if this was how this lady and her child were going to celebrate Thanksgiving, that there must be something wrong in the world.

Fast forward some 60 years, today I find myself teaching law at a university, running a small foundation and flipping through the pages of a book I just wrote called Living on a Dollar a Day: The Lives and Faces of the World’s Poor. I created this book largely with the help of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist because I never forgot that lady and her child, and in the same way that I never forgot them, I don’t want the world to forget the world’s poor. In short, I believe we spend too much time focusing on the lives of the rich and famous and nowhere near enough time trying to relieve the suffering of one sixth of the world’s people who, in fact, live on less than a dollar a day.

While the reasons for poverty may be different across geographic regions and political circumstances, the results are much the same everywhere: poverty robs people of options in life. While the poor often work very hard at jobs many of us would not even consider doing, they earn close to nothing. Not having access to basic health care and education keeps them at the bottom of the economic ladder, usually for generations.

Living on a Dollar a Day shares the personal stories of some of the poorest of the poor in our global community and encourages compassionate action on the part of those who care to help. The stories and photographs in the book offer a glimpse into the everyday realities of individuals and families facing extreme poverty. These profiles give voice to their experience and their struggles, while honoring their lives and their human dignity. The accompanying text provides accessible information on the root causes of global poverty and offers suggestions on how each of us can get involved to help the world’s poor.

I am neither a billionaire nor millionaire, but simply an individual who is trying to encourage others like me to do a little good in this world. The truth is that most of us have the capacity to help a child, a family, a school, or an orphanage, that but for the help and kindness of others, would not have the tools to escape extreme poverty. (See:

My foundation, The Forgotten International, was built on the premise that we all have the ability to leave this world better than how we found it. I created our “Twelve Simple Beliefs” as a guide to how we approach our work. While we focus on helping impoverished women and children around the world, there are so many other ways of doing good. In fact, one doesn’t have to go around the world to find those in need; the truth is that we can simply go around the block.

I believe it is important to keep thoughts of giving and caring in mind as we move through life if we wish to create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. These are important lessons to teach our children as well, for often too much time these days is spent playing video games, trying to look a certain way, or simply getting way too enthralled in consumption and / or taking, rather than giving.

I should point out that giving is not a totally selfless act, for in helping others, we often feel better about ourselves and feel a sense of unity with others in our world. Volunteering one’s time to serve those in need can be done with friends and colleagues, and parents can introduce the idea of service to their children, and giving can become a family tradition. It brings added meaning to our lives, and it is a valuable use of our time and energy. It is truly a blessing to be in a position to help.

I do hope you that you will consider the needs of others in your everyday life, whether you are a person of great wealth or someone who occasionally has to give up a nice dinner out for yourself in order to donate a simple meal to others. I also hope you will take the time to learn more about the world’s poor, either through your direct service to others or by picking up a copy of Living on a Dollar a Day.

Connect with Tom Nazario @ThomasNazario

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Young Social Entrepreneur Rebuilding Education

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Chase Winder, a young social entrepreneur whom I recently met through my local Rotary Club, is working to dramatically improve education in the United States through his nonprofit Digital Learning Alliance or DLA, which advocates the use of technology that personalizes the learning experience for each student.

Launched less than two years ago, ”DLA is working to scale this model nationally in all 50 states and we are currently working in some capacity in 44 states,” Winder says. “State legislatures have the power to quickly and effectively implement quality technology enhancements that are improving student and teacher outcomes.”

DLA has assembled a high quality board and a deep management team, including a board members Stephen Lasters, who serves as McGraw Hill Education’s Chief Digital Officer, and Tom Schenck, the President of Follett School Solutions.

Winder,who is officially the Managing Director of DLA, will join me on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 4:00 Eastern for a live discussion about his ambitious effort to improve education. Tune in here then to watch the interview.

More about the Digital Learning Alliance:

To improve economic growth across America by advocating for personalized education through the use of digital learning technologies as we empower legislators with the resources to pass new legislation—state by state—integrating technology solutions in pre-K–12, higher education, and adult learning, resulting in the skilled workforce of the future.

Winder’s bio:

Social impact is an integral part of my life and inspiration for what I do every day. After graduating from the University of Utah and moving home to Salt Lake City from Washington DC two years ago I co-founded a national education nonprofit called the Digital Learning Alliance (DLA). The vision of DLA is to help students of every age by providing education research and program templates to solve dozens of educational issues by leveraging proven digital learning technologies, which can multiply the effectiveness of teachers and enable students to achieve their full potential. Prior to DLA I spent two years in Washington DC and Virginia working in policy and politics. My experience in policy comes from supporting legislation as a Research and Policy Fellow on water, oil, and Middle Eastern issues for U.S. Congressman Jim Matheson. And during the heat of the 2012 Presidential election I had the fortunate opportunity to become a congressional Communications Director for Retired Air Force Brigadier General John Douglass in Virginia’s battleground 5th District.

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Crowdfunding Leaps Forward Beyond Hype To Solve Big-World Problems

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Much of the hype around crowdfunding has frustratingly proved to be so much hot air. The United Nations Global Compact and the U.S. State Department are working to change that by bringing crowdfunding forward to finance projects in the developing world, especially projects designed to address the social problems endemic there.

U.S.-based crowdfunding site Gate Global Impact is partnering with the UN Global Compact to launch Gateway 2.0, a site that will allow members of the UN Global Compact’s Social Enterprise Hub to access capital of from $500,000 to $10 million.

Rosedel Davies-Adewebi, project manager for social enterprise and impact investing at the UN Global Compact, explained that through this innovative partnership the UN Global Compact hopes to advance this form of equity crowdfunding as a new approach to impact investing, addressing gaps in the missing middle of finance and connect capital to impactful businesses addressing critical areas related to the UN-Post 2015 agenda.

Similarly, the U.S. State Department will soon launch a partnership with the crowdfunding site RocketHub to accelerate social impact projects from 60 countries around the world.

On Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 1:00 Eastern, Davies-Adewebi, Vincent Molinari, CEO of Gate Global Impact, and Daniella Foster, the director of public-private partnerships for the U.S. State Department, will join me to talk about the potential for crowdfunding to play a critical role in international development and the eradication of poverty. Tune in here then to watch the interview.

More about the UN Global Compact:

The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Endorsed by chief executives, the Global Compact is a practical framework for the development, implementation, and disclosure of sustainability policies and practices, offering participants a wide spectrum of workstreams, management tools and resources — all designed to help advance sustainable business models and markets.

To further promote the advancement of sustainable business models, the UN Global Compact has launched a workstream focused on the concepts of Social Enterprise and Impact investing. The aim of the workstream is to build an enabling environment for corporations within the Global Compact, investors and social enterprises that will facilitate the formation of partnerships designed to advance innovations addressing development challenges.


Rosedel Davies-Adewebi

Davies-Adewebi’s bio:

Rosedel Davies-Adewebi is the Project Manager for the Social Enterprise and Impact Investing workstream of the United Nations Global Compact. The workstream is designed to build an enabling environment to support the formation of partnerships among social enterprises, corporations and investors . The partnerships have the aim to advance innovations addressing global development challenges. At the UN Global Compact, Rosedel is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the workstream and leading its operations globally.

Rosedel has spent the last eight years developing programs and managing projects designed to connect social innovators with financing and technical assistance to scale impact. Prior to joining the UN Global Compact, she served as a consultant on impact measurement data to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). Rosedel’s other professional experience includes developing the investment strategy for a seed fund providing financing for maternal and child health innovations at the Tony Elumelu Foundation, a Lagos, Nigeria based foundation. The seed fund served as the foundation’s commitment to the United Nations Secretary General’s Every Woman, Every Child Campaign. In addition to this, she worked with Project Enterprise, a New York City based- micro-finance fund to grow their loan portfolio. For her work at Project Enterprise, she received the United Way’s Emerging Junior Leader Fellowship in 2007.

She began her career in 2003 as a commercial banker for Wachovia and served on the team responsible for launching Wachovia’s first commercial operations in New York City.

Rosedel received an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where she was a recipient of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Scholarship and served as a fellow on the Frankel Commercialization Fund, a student-run pre-seed venture fund. She also holds bachelors’ degrees in Economics and International Relations from Boston University.


Daniella Foster

Foster’s bio:

Daniella M. Foster is a policy innovator and social entrepreneur. She has worked in government, business and the non-profit sectors. Ms. Foster serves as a Director of Public-Private Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, where she leads the establishment of partnerships which commit skills and capital for social impact projects in over 165 countries.

She previously served as the Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State’s Senior Advisor for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies, where she managed the work of the office to implement policy initiatives and partnerships designed to strengthen emerging democracies and civil society worldwide. She has spearheaded a variety of Presidential initiatives, including global public-private partnerships that help grow small and medium businesses, connect entrepreneurs from around the world, and develop job skills via mobile technology.

A respected authority on strategic partnerships, Ms. Foster has worked in six continents, tripling growth in agreements with Fortune 500 companies and international organizations, and was named one of the Diplomatic Courier’s “Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders” and featured in Washington Life Magazine as one of Washington’s most influential leaders in 2013.

She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and serves as the CEO and Co-founder of the Emergent Leaders Network (ELN), a non-profit that provides scholarships and mentoring to community college students. She currently serves on the advisory board for Noodle, the first and only life-long education related search company in the world.

Ms. Foster holds a M.A. in Social and Public Policy from Georgetown University and a B.A. in Intercultural Communications and Business from Pepperdine University.


Vince Molinari

Molinari’s bio:

Vince Molinari has been recognized by Forbes as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential People in Crowdfunding.”

The consummate visionary and serial entrepreneur, Vince has always been a driving force in creating new market infrastructure bringing efficiency, transparency and liquidity to the unstructured global alternative asset markets.

Vince’s vision of opening the private market for investment can spearhead economic growth and job creation, leading him to be on of the early voices and champions of the recently passed JOBS Act.

Vince’s most recent start-up is GATE Global Impact whose mission is based on a core belief that actionable knowledge drives investments, and that technology can close the gap between traditional and emerging alternative markets. GGI is fast becoming the leading electronic marketplace platform that is helping the world’s leading organizations tale impact investing to the next level. GGI enables investors to identify and transact in securities, which provide sustainable social and environmental benefits in addition to a financial return by bringing efficiency, transparency and liquidity to historically fragmented processes. GGI partners include the UN, OPIC, Microsoft, Yunus Social Business, Prudential and other leading financial and technology organizations.

Vince is an active speaker on issues related to capital markets and early-stage companies, and regularly speaks at events around the world. He has been invited to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises, and regularly consults with both members of Congress and regulatory agencies on these issues.

Vince is a founding board member of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), a self-regulating association that works with governmental and quasi-governmental entities to help establish crowdfunding industry standards and best practices. He is also a co-founder of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), a leading trade organization for the Crowdfund industry and sits on the board of CF50 a global think tank of 50 of the leading minds from academia, policy and industry.

Vince is also the founder of Global Access Holdings LLC, a financial media and analytics company, which identified a global trend line of illiquid securities and the potential market need for alternative asset trading platforms. Prior to Global Access Holdings, he was chairman and CEO of Burlington Capital Markets LLC, a financial services company specializing in institutional execution services and investment banking activities. In addition, he co-founded Inculab, a technology business incubator.

Vince began his career at Lehman Brothers Inc., and has held senior positions at Janney Montgomery Scott Inc. and Ridgewood Capital Funding, LLC.

He has been featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Lang and O’Leary Exchange” and been quoted and published in a wide range of business media including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg News, Advance Trading and Securities Technology Monitor.

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Sustainability Moves This Social Entrepreneur

Stephanie Stettler takes doing good seriously. Beginning with a masters degree in Leadership for Sustainability from Portland State University, she has built her career around having impact. Today, she helps lead the Salt Lake Impact Hub.

Stephanie will be speaking at the Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference (SECFC14) on September 26, 2014 at Snowbird.

On Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 5:00 Eastern, Stephanie will join me for a live discussion about her passion for social impact. Tune in right here then to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.


Stephanie’s bio:

Stephanie Stettler is Programming Director and on the founding team of Impact Hub Salt Lake.  Stephanie is working to build an ecosystem of social enterprise that cultivates learning, mobilizes stakeholders, and accelerates new ventures. She brings to Impact Hub Salt Lake 8 years of experience developing programs for purpose driven organizations that improve environmental, economic and social impact. 

Previously, Stephanie developed programs for sustainable business conferences and social cause summits across the United States, at Portland-based event company Social Enterprises, Inc. There she led sustainability initiatives and impact measurement to become a certified B Corp and a leading sustainable event production company.  Stephanie holds a BS in Economics from the University of Utah and an MS in Leadership for Sustainability Education from Portland State University. 

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Devin D. Thorpe

Skier Flips Perception Of Disability, Proves Capability

Chris Waddell, world-class athlete and founder of One Revolution, is turning perceptions of disability upside-down.

Chris was a competitive skier in college when he broke his back, rising to become the most decorated mono-skier in men’s Paralympic history. He launched One Revolution to redefine disability.

Tweet: Chris Waddell launched @One_Revolution to redefine disability. - via @devindthorpe

On Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 3:00 Eastern, Chris will join me for a live discussion about his work. Tune in right here to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.


More about Chris:

Chris Waddell always thought that the lessons he learned in sports would provide the foundation for later success. As a ski racer at Middlebury College in 1988, he had no idea how profoundly one moment could change and paradoxically enhance that conviction. On December 20th his ski popped off in the middle of a turn. He fell, broke two vertebrae, and damaged the spinal cord. Paralyzed from the waist down he learned and achieved more than he could have imagined.

He returned to college just two months after the accident, started monoskiing in less than a year and was named to the US Disabled Ski Team a little more than two years after that paradoxical moment. With 12 Paralympic medals, he became the most decorated male monoskier in history. Also a track athlete, he’s one of a handful to have won World Championships in both the winter and the summer. He competed in four Winter Paralympics winning 12 medals and three Summer Paralympics winning a silver medal in the 200 meters in Sydney. In World Championship competition, Waddell won 9 total medals: four gold, one silver, one bronze; six in the winter and three in the summer.

Waddell was inducted into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and the Paralympics Hall of Fame. The Dalai Lama honored him as an “Unsung Hero of Compassion”. People Magazine named him one of the “Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World.” Skiing Magazine placed him amongst the “25 Greatest Skiers in North America.” Middlebury College presented him with a Doctorate in Humane Letters.

In September of 2009 Waddell became the first paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro almost entirely under his own power. His team carried him for approximately 100 feet of the 19,340 mountain. The film documenting the climb has won awards throughout the world. He has appeared on Dateline, Oprah and 20/20.

He is the founder of the One Revolution Foundation and speaks throughout the country sharing his universal message, “It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.”

Currently Waddell resides in Park City, Utah where he can be seen out and about keeping fit on his hand cycle and racer. He travels the country year round presenting the Foundation’s Nametags school program, speaking to corporate groups and screening the documentary. Waddell is working on a book to chronicle his journey while also planning his newest adventure – a cross country bike tour to highlight the foundation. He also continues to be actively involved with the Paralympics as an ambassador for the International Paralympic Committee and is a color analyst for the Games.


  • Dalai Lama Unsung Hero of Compassion
  • Thirteen Paralympic medals
  • World Champion in both winter and summer sports
  • Most medals of any American male Paralympic skier
  • Doctor of Humane Letters, Middlebury College
  • First Ambassador International Paralympic Committee
  • Founder One Revolution Foundation
  • First unassisted paraplegic to summit Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Paralympic Hall of Fame
  • US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame
  • People Magazine “50 Most Beautiful People”
  • Skiing Magazine “25 Greatest Skiers in North America”

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One Woman Working To Free 15 Million Refugees

Over 15 million people in the world are living as refugees. According to Emily Arnold-Fernandez, the executive director of Asylum Access, the average time in a refugee camp is now almost 20 year.

Less than 1% of refugees reach the US, Canada, Europe and Australia combined each year,” she says. “In many places, refugees aren’t allowed to move freely, work, attend school, or open a bank account, so they can’t rebuild their lives. They’re forced to depend on aid.”

Tweet: “Less than 1% of refugees reach the US, Canada, Europe and Australia combined.” -@asylumaccess via @devindthorpe

Emily says, “Asylum Access is changing this, by focusing on refugees’ rights. We believe that when refugees enjoy their rights, they can fulfill their own needs.”

On Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 2:00 Eastern, Emily will join me for a live discussion about the work of Asylum Access. Tune in here then to watch the interview.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about Asylum Access:

Asylum Access is an innovative international nonprofit dedicated to making refugee rights a reality. Asylum Access empowers refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America to live safely, work, send children to school and rebuild their lives. Asylum Access is the only international organization solely dedicated to making refugee rights a reality in first countries of refuge. By helping refugees assert their rights, we are putting power back into their hands. We provide direct legal assistance and education to over 10,000 refugees annually in Ecuador, Thailand and Tanzania, reaching hundreds of thousands more through policy advocacy and strategic litigation. Our work transforms the traditional approach of endless humanitarian handouts to a sustainable solution that gives refugees the tools to provide for themselves and make choices about their own lives.


Emily’s bio:

Emily Arnold-Fernández, the founder and executive director of Asylum Access, is a social entrepreneur and human rights pioneer. A lawyer who has advocated nationally and internationally for the human rights of women, children, and other vulnerable individuals, Emily first became involved in refugee rights in 2002, when she represented refugees in United Nations proceedings in Cairo, Egypt. Recognizing that refugees throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America – some of whom flee with nothing more than the clothes on their backs – were almost always unequipped to go into a legal proceeding in a foreign country, alone, and explain why they should not be deported, Emily founded Asylum Access to advocate on behalf of refugees seeking to assert their rights.

For her innovative approach to the global refugee crisis, Emily was honored by the Dalai Lama as one of 50 “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” from around the world (2009), Waldzell Institute’s Architects of the Future Award (2012) and Grinnell College Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize (2013). She has also been recognized as Pomona College’s Inspirational Young Alumna (2006), awarded the prestigious Echoing Green fellowship (2007), and recognized as the New Leaders Council’s 40 Under 40 (2010), among others. Emily holds a B.A. cum laude from Pomona College and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.

A visionary human rights activist, Emily Arnold-Fernández takes her inspiration from a line in a June Jordan poem: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Emily is particularly passionate about Asylum Access because it has the power to transform refugee rights from paper promises to on-the-ground reality. “For half a century, international law has given refugees the rights to live safely, seek employment, send children to school and rebuild their lives. But those rights are meaningless unless they are respected on the ground,” she says. “Asylum Access provides a rare opportunity to fill a gaping hole in our human rights system – by making refugee rights a reality for real people.”

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PopNod Reinvents Online Shopping, Donates to Nonprofits

Social entrepreneur Stephanie David has reinvented the online shopping experience, by magically offering shoppers both a discount and the promise that her company, PopNod, will donate a portion of proceeds to a cause you choose.

On Thursday, July 10, 2014 at noon Eastern, Stephanie will join me here for a live interview to talk about the innovative new site. Tune in here then to watch the interview.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about PopNod:

PopNod is a social good online shopping destination that enables you to save money at your favorite stores while supporting the causes you care about. Members choose from hundreds of popular handpicked stores and numerous nonprofits and organizations. With every purchase, members earn cashback rewards, and PopNod matches 20% and donates to your favorite causes. PopNod does all the hard work so that you can focus on saving money and making your impact - a win/win for you and your causes. The e-commerce platform has expanded with the launch of PopNod for Employers, a Corporate Social Responsibility solution.


Stephanie’s bio:

Stephanie David is an entrepreneur and explorer of life with a passion for building solutions for social impact and revolutionizing the way e-commerce connects with social good. Stephanie was selected by Business News Daily as one of “10 Female Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Us in 2013.”

As an intrapreneur, Stephanie drove new business growth in large Fortune 50 corporations. Stephanie brings with her 12 years of experience in technology, business development, sales, operations management, partnership development, client management, marketing, and branding. She was fortunate to have worked at major corporations with highly innovative charitable giving and corporate social responsibility programs.

A chance trip to an elephant farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand propelled her to leave her most recent career with Microsoft in 2013 to revolutionize the way people make their impact on the world. Currently, Stephanie is helping people discover how to live at the intersection of style and social good. PopNod has been featured in major media outlets, including ABC News, US News & World Report, Netted by Webbys, Trend Hunter, and Business News Daily.

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New Company Helps Low-Wealth Families Start Investing For Free

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Recently, I profiled the SOURCE partnership among Village Capital, the Hitachi Foundation and Investor’s Circle. SOURCE, Solutions from Our Country’s Entrepreneurs seeks to stimulate social entrepreneurship through a competitive process that provides seed capital to curated and cultivated mission-driven ventures. The first cohort is focused on financial services for low wealth populations and two companies have been chosen.

The top two are WiseBanyan, a service to help people begin investing with no fee and as little as $10, and eMoneyPool, a platform to facilitate pooling money to foster savings as an alternative to payday loans.

On Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 3:00 Eastern, I will visit live with Herbert Moore, co-founder of WiseBanyan, and Ross Baird, the executive director of Village Capital about the selection process, the social impacts and Moore’s business. Tune in right here then to watch the interview.

More about Village Capital:

Village Capital builds enterprises that solve the world’s most pressing problems through a unique peer investment model. Village Capital recruits enterprises worldwide addressing major problems in energy, agriculture, health, education, and financial services; operates three-month accelerator programs, and invests in companies at the end picked by their peers. Over the past four years, Village Capital has operated 27 accelerator programs, recruited over 400 companies, and invested in over 40 companies. Alumni–91% of which are still in business–have created 6,000 jobs, served 6 million customers.

More about WiseBanyan:

WiseBanyan is the world’s first free online financial advisor. WiseBanyan recommends, invests, and manages fully-diversified portfolios for clients for free and with no minimums to start. Built on the belief that investing should be a right and not just a privilege, WiseBanyan minimizes fees and helps people start as early as possible. By providing access to high-quality investment expertise to individuals of all levels, WiseBanyan has allowed thousands of clients – many of whom are Millennials – to call themselves investors for the first time. You can sign up for an account in less than 10 minutes starting with just $10, and WiseBanyan takes care of the rest.

Baird’s bio:

Ross developed the Village Capital concept in 2009, and has led the development of 27 programs worldwide, supporting over 400 entrepreneurs. Before launching Village Capital, he worked with First Light Ventures, a seed fund focused on impact investments. Prior to First Light, Ross worked on the development of four education-related start-up ventures: the Indian School Finance Company in Hyderabad, India, the National College Advising Corps in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and two ventures using technology to promote civic participation. He has a MPhil from the University of Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a BA from the University of Virginia, where he was a Truman Scholar and a Jefferson Scholar.Contact:


Herbert Moore

Moore’s bio:

Herbert is the co-founder & CEO of WiseBanyan. He believes that high quality investment service should be available to individuals of all levels. Prior to WiseBanyan, he was the head trader at Ansbacher Investment Management, a quantitatively focused commodity trading advisor in New York. He has also held positions on the investment team at Azimuth Trust, a fund of hedge funds in New York and at Smith Barney, one of the largest wealth managers in the country.

Herbert is passionate about finding ways to bring client focused innovation to the world of personal finance. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from George Washington University and a Masters of Science in Engineering from Stanford University. He holds the series 65 designation and is a registered investment advisor.

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StartSomeGood Pop Up Shop

The crowdfunding site for social entrepreneurs, StartSomeGood, is running a crowdfunding campaign on its own site, calling it a pop up shop, offering a variety of goodies for mission-driven people who are keen to do good.

Among the goodies offered are a number of ebooks, including my book, Crowdfunding for Social Good, which includes a few stories gleaned from the StartSomeGood site. Other items include shirts and posters.

StartSomeGood plans to use the proceeds to support technology upgrades for the site.

On Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM Eastern, CEO Tom Dawkins will join me from Australia for a live discussion about the offering.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about StartSomeGood:

We exist to empower you to become a social innovator. By providing social entrepreneurs, changemakers and non-profits with the tools you need to rally your community and raise funds, together we can turn ideas into action and impact.

The truth is there is no shortage of problems in the world. But the good news is there’s also no shortage of people with the ideas and passion to address those problems. These are our people, the changemakers. Too often however, the vision for change doesn’t come packaged with the resources needed to make it happen. StartSomeGood provides social entrepreneurs with a platform to raise funds and build a community of supporters — all in a fun, engaging and community-driven way. Our site taps into the power of community, allowing social entrepreneurs to ask for financial support from supporters from around the world. We give them the tools to update their supporters and provide unique rewards in exchange for support - on their first campaign, and for future campaigns down the road.

We’ve taken the crowdfunding model — which is growing in popularity world-wide — and customized it to reflect the unique needs of social entrepreneurs.

Tom’s bio:

Tom Dawkins is a serial social entrepreneur and the Australian co-founder of StartSomeGood. He previously founded award-winning Australia non-profit Vibewire and was the first Social Media Director at Ashoka. He has worked with numerous non-profits, associations and government entities to help them tell their stories and build community. He’s founded a film festival, opened Australia’s first co-working space and set-up a Burning Man Theme Camp with his wife Kate. They returned to Australia in 2012 after four years in the US in time for the birth of their first child, Bodhi. 

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MWCN To Recognize Utah’s Fastest Growing Companies

For the past 20 years, the MountainWest Capital Network has been recognizing the fastest growing companies in Utah as the Utah 100. There is still time for Utah companies to apply to recognition before the final dealine on July 14, 2014.

The MWCN Utah 100 event is one of the most anticipated business functions of the year, with many of Utah’s most prominent entrepreneurs and executives. The event will be held on Tuesday, October 21, 2014.

On Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 9:00 AM Mountain Time, Rob Brough, Executive Vice President of Zions Bank and Chair of the 2014 MWCN Utah 100 program, will join me for a live discussion about the application process and the event. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

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More about Zions Bank:

Zions Bank is a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation that operates more than 500 offices and 600 ATMs in 10 Western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. As a full-service bank, Zions offers commercial, installment and mortgage loans; trust services; foreign banking services; electronic and online banking services; automatic deposit and nationwide banking and transfer services; as well as the more familiar checking and savings programs.

More about the MountainWest Capital Network:

The MountainWest Capital Network is Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success through:

  • fostering the dynamic flow of information about capital formation and distribution,
  • educating and mentoring excellence, and
  • recognizing and rewarding performance
  • networking activities which promote synergistic relationships.

We accomplish this through signature activities and events, such as the Utah 100, real-time Deal Flow reporting and recognition, MWCN Entrepreneur of the Year event honoring Utah’s uber-entrepreneurs, and presentations by industry experts.

Rob’s bio:

Rob Brough is the executive vice president of Marketing and Communications for Zions Bank. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rob joined Zions Bank in February of 1997 as a public relations representative. In his current position, he is responsible for overseeing the communications, public relations, advertising and community relations activities for the Bank, its 135 Financial Centersthroughout Utah and Idaho and its various subsidiaries.

Prior to joining Zions Bank, Brough spent two years with Salt Lake City-based Bremer Public Relations. He received a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Utah.

In addition to his responsibilities at Zions Bank, Brough is also active in community affairs. He currently serves as chair of the Hale Centre Theatre Board of Trustees. He also serves as a member of the Road Home Board of Trustees, the Utah Junior Golf Association Board of Trustees, the BYU Athletics Advisory Council, the United Way of Salt Lake Young Leaders Steering Committee, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Utah Board of Directors, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area Board of Trustees.

He and his wife Holly and their three children live in Salt Lake City.

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New Crowdfunding Portal To Fund Veterans Entrepreneurs

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day it seems apt to recognize the newly created crowdfunding site TwistRate focused on helping America’s veterans with their entrepreneurship.

Veterans are twice as likely to be entrepreneurs as the rest of the country; 1 in 7 veterans own a business.

On July 3, 2014, Evan Hafer, a veteran himself and founder and CEO of TwistRate, will join me for a live discussion about the launch of the new platform. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

More about TwistRate:

TwistRate is Americans coming together online to build the innovations, dreams and causes of America’s veterans, service members, law enforcement, outdoor enthusiasts, fishing and hunting communities.

TwistRate is a safe and secure platform that brings together people’s passions and ideas with people like themselves to fund and share with like-minded people. 

Part social, part finance, all American. We bring your ideas to life, giving you the tools to take your great ideas to others in your community so they can benefit from your ingenuity. TwistRate brings communities together to fund their own, build their own and make their own – all on their own. 

TwistRate was founded by Special Operations veterans who wanted to create a special place for the community that gives their all, protecting and serving their country, their cities, their neighbors and their brothers in arms.

TwistRate and you make the American Dream a reality by connecting the dreamers with the dollars.


Evan’s bio:

Evan Hafer, CEO of TwistRate, is an avid hunter, fisher, gun enthusiast and outdoorsman. He spent the first 14 years of his career serving in the U.S. Army as an infantryman and Special Forces solider (Green Beret), deployed throughout the globe conducting operations and training. Throughout his personal and professional life, Evan has been surrounded by innovators who have created technologies, gadgets and adaptations that enable themselves and those around them to work and play harder. An entrepreneur and active investor, Evan has his own fly fishing and river guiding company and, by working with innovators from around the globe, has helped others bring their inventions and passions to life, as he and co-founder Jeff Kirkham founded TwistRate. 

During his service In the Army, he trained journalists how to survive in combat theaters, led African Contingency Operations, trained indigenous forces to protect their nations, provided high-risk security operations and conducted countless missions. Post-military, he conducted similar operations for government agencies, worked for a nanotechnology company by developing commercial and defense industry products and spent years training law enforcement and government personnel in crisis response training. In 2013, he founded the Crisis Response Education Foundation (CREF), a non-profit devoted to helping law enforcement through the teaching of Special Forces operations training. He got his start as an instructor after he graduated from the University of Idaho when he attended the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant.

Evan and his co-founder created TwistRate to be the online fundraising platform for the innovations, ideas and passions of America’s veteran, service member, law enforcement, outdoor enthusiast and shooting communities. TwistRate brings groups together to fund, build and make their own American Dream a reality. Within TwistRate, he sets strategy and leads the TwistRate team, helping his members bring their ideas to others in the TwistRate community. 
Evan has led training teaching classes on close quarters combat, advanced pistol and carbine courses and ocean hunting, and he and Jeff are the authors of the first civilian Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)-certified active shooter course.

Evan is a passionate outdoorsman who prefers the remoteness of the Frank Church Wilderness area in central Idaho to any other place on earth. He is most passionate about his loving family, wife Kate and daughter Nara.

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Procter & Gamble Sponsors UNICEF Effort To Save Babies In 25 Developing Countries

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Every year 58,000 babies die from maternal and neonatal tetanus or MNT, all in the developing world.  UNICEF, with support from Procter and Gamble’s Pampers, is working to eliminate MNT around the world. The battle against MNT in Indonesia is nearing its end.

The partnership between Pampers and UNICEF is an example of growing and powerful trend for corporations to be significantly and actively involved in solving social problems. The tie between Pampers and saving babies is obvious and clearly stands to benefit the brand as well as the babies, but that doesn’t make the financial support less helpful.

UNICEF praises Pampers for its long-term support of the initiative, noting that “sustained financial resources” are required to successfully eliminate the disease and to save lives.

On Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 1:00 Eastern, Dr. Rownak Khan, Senior Health Specialist for UNICEF, will join me here for a live discussion about the program. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

More about UNICEF:

UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.


Dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF

Dr. Khan’s bio:

With over than 17 years of experience in public health in developing countries, Dr. Rownak Khan took the position of Senior Health Specialist at the United Nations Children’s Fund, New York Headquarters in 2010.

Previous to this appointment, she worked in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. During her career in public health with UNICEF she has focused on children’s vaccination programmes and has worked closely with national governments to develop policy, strategy and plans to provide vaccines to women and children, especially for vulnerable and difficult to reach population.

In Bangladesh, a country with highest number of neonatal deaths due to neonatal tetanus in the 1980s, Dr. Khan coordinated maternal and neo-natal tetanus elimination efforts in the late 90s and early 2000s which lead to elimination of the disease in 2008.

She also has implemented the MNTE programme in the remote and highly conservative areas of northern Afghanistan. At UNICEF Headquarters, Dr. Khan has worked in various other disease control initiatives such as Polio Eradication and the Yellow Fever control programme, with a specific focus on marginalized and difficult to access populations.

Dr. Khan is also part of the on-going effort in UNICEF to reach the most underserved populations with vaccines and other essential health services – the centre piece of the Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination programme strategy.

Dr. Khan has an MD from Dhaka Medical College in Bangladesh and an MSC in Public Health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in UK . She also has training in Paediatrics and Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Builds Communities

AdaPia d’Errico, Chief Marketing Officer of the real estate crowdfunding portal Patch of Land, will be speaking at the Social Enterprise and Crowdfunding Conference (SECFC14) on September 26, 2014 at Snowbird, Utah. 

On July 3, 2014 at 2:00 Eastern, AdaPia will join me for a live discussion about the critical role that real estate plays in a community and how crowdfunding for real estate can have a positive impact on a neighborhood.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about Patch of Land:

Patch of Land is a marketplace lending platform that connects borrowers who require short term funding for their real estate projects with accredited and institutional investors seeking uncorrelated returns from passive income real estate investments.

Patch of Land is a privately owned company based in Los Angeles, CA providing accredited and institutional investors easier access to short-term, asset collateralized, fixed income securities through its proprietary P2RE “Peer-to-Real-Estate” lending marketplace. Patch of Land is the online marketplace solution to inefficient, slow, fragmented and obscure short- term real estate lending, providing a fast, efficient, transparent and consistent service to real estate borrowers and professionals, who may not qualify for traditional financing.


AdaPia’s bio:

AdaPia d’Errico is an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor with broad experience across retail banking, financial planning, international finance and capital markets, strategic brand and intellectual property development, crowdfunding and online community building. As Chief Marketing Officer at Patch of Land, she leads strategic partnerships, and drives brand awareness while positioning the company at the forefront of P2P real estate lending and debt crowdfinancing. She has co-founded two businesses with women partners, coached female entrepreneurs, taught and mentored business students, and frequently speaks on Women 2.0 topics in crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, and fundraising for start-ups. AdaPia has a BBA from the University of British Columbia.

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Admissions - Short Film for World Peace

This is a guest post from John Viscount, a filmmaker, author, peace strategist and public speaker


John Viscount

In our modern world of high technology and multi-media grand spectacles, there are many amazing things that capture our attention. But to me, there is nothing as compelling as other’s people’ suffering. It always seems to stop me in my tracks and light a fire under me to try to help, even if just for a moment.

Maybe it’s a meaningful conversation or an understanding nod or a silent hug. Or maybe its time spent focusing internally on a shared sense of unity and goodwill with all living beings. Whatever it takes to reassure struggling souls they’re not alone becomes the goal, because when we connect compassionately with others, we reaffirm our higher nature and contribute deeply to the world’s evolution.

Of course, this kind of evolution has nothing to do with becoming stronger, faster, smarter or fitter individuals. On the contrary, the true evolution of the human species is moving from the pursuit of separate interests to the pursuit of shared interests, because only in oneness can peace, love and a better world for all, without exception, endure.

As a filmmaker, author and peace strategist, my chosen tool for promoting unity is the creation of transformational media content that elevates as it entertains. Currently, I am conducting a screening and Q & A tour where I engage audiences in enlightening discussions about forgiveness and the many healing themes of my film for peace, Admissions.

Winner of 25 international awards, Admissions stars Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell and tells a life-changing tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in the most conflict-ridden regions of our planet. I originally wrote Admissions as a response to the suffering of 9/11 and the film’s theme song as a response to the suffering of the Iraq War.

When I screen Admissions for audiences, I talk about the film’s partnership we created with, The Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace and United Nations Culture of Peace working groups. This partnership resulted in a campaign to gather One Billion signatures to create peace departments in governments worldwide. I was fortunate to play a role in the drafting of the official Global Resolution of this movement.

We have also created a unique digital platform called The Gift of Peace, which is a free e-book that dramatically explains the need for peace departments in our world. It bestows a free screening of Admissions, offered in 5 languages, to anyone who signs PeaceNow’s global petition. To date, signatures representing 62 countries have been received.

Similar to Admissions, my new book, Mind What Matters, A Pep Talk for Humanity also addresses life’s most difficult challenges. It features a collection of philosophical writings and stories that offer healing perspectives on how to remain rooted in our higher mind no matter what the world serves up.

After viewing Admissions, Sharon Stone asked me to write a similar short film for her around bullying which I have now completed and in which she has agreed to play the lead. I also have a full catalog of other transformational projects including short films, features, television shows, public service announcements and musicals. Ultimately, the goal with all my work is to create more unity in the world so people can experience more love, suffer less and enjoy more deeply rewarding lives.

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