Devin Thorpe, founder of the Your Mark on the World Center, calls himself a champion of social good. He writes about, advocates for and advises those who are doing good. He travels extensively to share his message as a keynote speaker, emcee and trainer. As a Forbes Contributor he covers social entrepreneurship and impact investing. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his entrepreneurial finance experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and mortgage broker helping people use financial resources to do good. Previously he worked on the U.S. Senate Banking committee staff and earned an MBA at Cornell.


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Keynote Speaker | Devin D. Thorpe

To book Devin as a speaker, contact his agent, Cheryl Snapp Conner at 801-994-9625.

The inspiring stories of Devin D. Thorpe’s Your Mark On The World come alive when shared in person. Whether you have a group of 40 or 4000, Devin Thorpe is the right guest speaker to excite and inspire people to do more good in the world.

People who are focused on serving others are empowered and engaged employees. They become the best version of themselves and deliver the optimal results.

Using the inspiring stories from Your Mark On The World and his Forbes blog, Devin Thorpe can provide motivational keynote addresses, training on personal finance, social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding.

Devin’s keynote topics including:

  • Beyond Success to Significance
  • Empowering Your Best Self
  • Crowdfunding for Social Good; Financing Your Mark on the World

Choosing the right speaker for your event is critical. When you book your next keynote speaker consider Devin Thorpe. Devin has had years of experience in personal and corporate finance, executive management, social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding. So if you are looking for a speaker that does more than entertain then look no further. Not only can Devin inspire with stories from hit book “Your Mark on Your World”, but he can do training and seminars. Look to Devin for training and seminars on social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, and personal finance next time you are booking a guest speaker.

To book Devin as a speaker, contact his agent, Cheryl Snapp Conner at 801-994-9625.

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