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The mission of the Your Mark on the World Center is to solve the world's biggest problems before 2045 by identifying and championing the work of experts who have created credible plans and programs to end them once and for all.

Featured Articles

Rotary International Leader, Corporate CEO, Challenges All To Respect Religious Traditions

This post was originally produced for Forbes. As I visit with social entrepreneurs around the world, I often find that religion is a motivating factor for their desire to do ...
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Student Entrepreneurs Try Pre-K Education Via Cell Phone

Ulixes Hawili, with a team of student entrepreneurs from the University of Tampa, has created a company called Tembo Education, a 2015 Hult Prize finalist,  to provide a proven curriculum ...
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Student Entrepreneurs Create ‘Talking Stickers’ To Prep Kids For School

Jamie Austin and Aisha Bukhari co-founded Attollo SE Inc. as graduate students at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Attollo was selected as a finalist for the ...
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Student Entrepreneurs Win Hult Prize With Radical Early Childhood Education Model

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Juan Diego Prudot was successful at a very young age. With the abundant opportunities afforded those of means, he has chosen the path ...
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Mozaik Foundation: Social Impact As a Business Goal

This post was originally published on Dive in Social. If you like this content ike our, join our closed discussion group and get our weekly newsletter featuring the best of Dive in Social. Building ...
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How Should We Run Our Facebook Group?

On Facebook this week, we started talking with our fans about creating a group there. There is great enthusiasm for the creation of a Your Mark on the World group, ...
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Author: To Do More Good, ‘Focus On Impact’

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Wendy Lipton-Dibner, the bestselling author who has just seen her latest book, Focus on Impact, published has focused her career on helping people ...
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Christian Organization Works To Restore Peace In Violent Honduras

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Honduras may have the highest murder rate in the world. The Christian organization called the Association for a More Just Society (AJS) is ...
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Closed Loop Fund Closes 3 Deals; Founder To Comment On NYT Op-Ed Touting Death Of Recycling

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Closed Loop Fund, an impact investment fund, recently closed its first three deals, providing financing for municipal waste. Rob Kaplan, Managing Director, explains ...
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Weild & Co. Working To Give Companies Greater Access To Capital

This post was originally produced for Forbes. “The United States was once had IPO markets that made our stock markets the envy of markets throughout the world,” according to David ...
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Vacation Time Giving | Finding Today’s Lost Einsteins

This is a guest post from Michael Vo, a former engineering director at Tesla. The premise is pretty simple… Most extrapolations had Einstein's IQ at 160. The probability of having a ...
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Coddle the Critics, Tolerate the Trolls, and Hug the Haters

Before I begin to make my case for putting up with the haters in your life more graciously, let me come clean. I hate, I mean detest, “feedback.” I’d rather ...
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Investor, Activist Seeks To ‘Transform Finance’ For Good

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Impact investment will be huge, but not necessarily good, says Transform Finance co-founder and Board Chair Morgan Simon, who is passionate about using ...
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Three Surprising Legal Tips for Nonprofits

Ask anyone in the nonprofit world and you'll hear that budgets are constrained. Running a nonprofit, however, is not easy. Brent Andrewson, an attorney at our sponsor Kirton McConkie, offers ...
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‘Do Magic with Your Life’

Rai Chowdhary is a successful engineer, entrepreneur and author. Having accomplished many of  his goals, he now focuses on helping others achieve theirs. Rai calls his system "Do Magic with ...
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Addressing the Global “Missing Middle”

This is a guest post from Will Poole, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Capria. The Problem: A Lack of Capital and Expertise There has been enormous growth in both emerging ...
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Social Entrepreneur Works To End ‘Summer Slide’ And Close Achievement Gap For Urban Poor

This post was originally produced for Forbes. The achievement gap between affluent and poor students gets worse every summer as the less fortunate forget much of what they learned during ...
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Matchbook Learning Claims Solution To Struggling Public Schools

This post was originally produced for Forbes. K-12 education in the United States just ain’t what it used to be. (Please pardon my use of the vernacular to emphasize the ...
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Women With Disabilities Face Avoidable Challenges, This Nonprofit Seeks To Help

This post was originally produced for Forbes. “It’s a tough fact of life that women with disabilities face challenges many of us cannot even imagine. But the tragedy is that ...
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Improving Your Nonprofit Through Skills-Based Volunteers

This is a guest post from Marjorie Ringrose, Director of Social Impact at Social Venture Partners Boston. While it uncomfortably discounts the tremendous joy and value that comes with volunteering, there’s a ...
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Learning to Make a Difference: Three-Year Follow-up

Three years ago, I wrote the book, Your Mark on the World. In the book, I profile a host of ordinary people who were doing remarkable things for good. One ...
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Expert’s Three Keys To Promoting Your Story

Our supporter, Mike Schwager, is a PR pro who specializes in helping people and organizations, especially those doing good in the world, to share their stories for maximum media exposure ...
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Cucula: Signature Furniture in Favor of Refugees

This article was original produced for Dive In Social and is reprinted here by permission. In Berlin, do it yourself culture takes unbelievable proportions for the ones who (like ourselves) ...
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Brothers’ Venture Provides Building Blocks For Prosperity In Honduras

This post was originally produced for Forbes. In 2009, Two American brothers with exceptional abilities and the brightest futures risked it all to create a social venture specifically designed to ...
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The Woman Who Distributed 25 Million Dictionaries Still Looking To Give More

Mary French is a on a crusade to improve literacy around the world. Partnering with organizations like Rotary International for help, Mary French has collected and distributed 25 million dictionaries, ...
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Gate Global Impact Seeks To Disrupt Impact Investing Sector

Your Mark on the World sponsor Gate Global Impact is trying to change the way impact investing is done, giving ready access to deals and investment opportunities to more people ...
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Polio Outbreak In Ukraine Is Grim Reminder Of Need For Continued Vigilance

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Two cases of polio were reported in Ukraine this week, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, known commonly as the GPEI, weekly ...
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Acumen Investee Brings Solar Power To Masses In India

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Damian Miller wants to transform emerging market economies from fossil-fuel dependent to self-reliant on clean solar energy. Miller isn’t just a dreamer; he’s ...
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Ex-Convicts To Run The Other Side Academy To Help Convicts

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Tim Stay, one of Utah’s leading tech entrepreneurs and executives, recently launched a new venture with successful entrepreneur Joseph Grenny. They’ve chosen several ...
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This Show Is Absolutely Safe For Work

This post was originally produced for Forbes. It used to be that everyone who saw Jason Hewlett perform asked, “Why isn’t this guy famous?” As his reputation grows, folks simply ...
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Dutch Social Entrepreneur Works To Save Lives In Africa With High Tech Stove

This post was originally produced for Forbes. “ It is a little known fact that cooking is the fourth biggest killer in the world ,” explains Judith Joan Walker, Director ...
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Rabbi Rescues At-Risk Youth In Utah

Over three years ago, I launched the work of the Your Mark on the World Center with the publication of my book, Your Mark on the World. In the book, ...
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Geri Weis-Corbley

Proof That Good Deeds Can Lead: “Good News Network” Turns 18

This is a guest post from Geri Weis-Corbley, Founder and Editor in Chief of Good News Network. Who says no news is good news? There’s plenty of good news in ...
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Impact Investor Credits ‘Faith In God’ For Success

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Joe Sanberg is an investor in a few of the social I’ve profiled recently (Aspiration and Bright Funds) and so I wanted to ...
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Vince Molinari

Gate Global Impact Looks Forward With New Partner, Raptor Group

Controlling interest in Gate Global Impact, a Your Mark on the World Center sponsor and an investment platform for impact investments and creating new market infrastructure, was recently acquired by ...
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Carnival’s Fathom Sailing Toward Cuba ‘To Make A Social Impact’

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Carnival newest cruise line is sailing in a new direction; Fathom’s destination is social impact. Initially sailing with one vessel, the Adonia, Fathom ...
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JDRF Is All About The Cure

This post was originally produced for Forbes. This one is personal. I apologize now, but understand that I simply can’t be entirely objective about type 1 diabetes or T1D. My ...
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Impacting 1 Billion By 2020 Is No Pipe Dream For These Social Entrepreneurs

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Santa Clara University is a relatively small Jesuit college located in Silicon Valley. A few years ago, when they set out to touch ...
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Ty Waldrod, CEO Bright Funds

Your Mark on the World Center Launches Fund to Solve Global Problems

The Your Mark on the World Center is partnering with Bright Funds to create the Your Mark on the World Fund. The fund supports the work of 16 nonprofits that ...
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Social Entrepreneur Straddles Two Cultures, Ultimately Succeeds In Both

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Ajaita Shah, founder of Frontier Markets, a retail distributor of solar powered products in rural India, was born in the United States to ...
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Jack Rolfe

What If You Could Keep Thousands Of Students From Dropping Out?

"Everyday 8,300 students drop out of high school, costing society $292,000 over the course of their lifetime because they are more likely to live in poverty, experience poor health, and ...
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Adlai Wertman

USC Professor Breaks The Mold

Some people just don't fit the mold you'd cast them in. Adlai Wertman, professor and Founding Director of the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at the Marhsall School of Business at ...
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Joel Solomon

Impact Investor Leads Charge For ‘Clean Money’ To Create Change

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Joel Solomon of Renewal Funds is not only a leading impact investor but also a leading voice for the impact investing movement. Based ...
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Media Consultant Offers Insights For Impact

Your Mark on the World Center sponsor Mike Schwager is a media consultant who focuses on impact in all he does. He operates MediaMavens.com and TVtraining.tv, helping people prepare for ...
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Robert Steven Kaplan

Proven Leader, Harvard Professor Explains How To Learn Leadership

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Robert Steven Kaplan , the former Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs, Harvard professor, venture philanthropist, author and regular guest on my show here ...
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Andre Cherny

Would Your Financial Advisor Trust You Enough To Let You Decide How Much To Pay?

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Andrei Cherny, CEO and co-founder of Aspiration, is creating a whole new model for financial services in America. The idea is to provide ...
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Eric Stowe

Social Entrepreneur Works To Put his Nonprofit Out Of Business

This post was originally produced for Forbes. Eric Stowe saw a problem in the developing world and did something about it. He saw a need for clean water in the ...
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Girls Education In India To Provide Test Case For Innovative Financing

This post was originally produced for Forbes. The world’s first-ever Development Impact Bond has been issued to support education of girls in India. This proof of concept financing could open ...
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